Radiator Repair and Service in Phoenix, AZ

When you are driving your vehicle around Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding communities, there are certain parts in your engine that create friction and that same friction generates heat. It can be quite a challenge to keep up with the cooling system maintenance of your vehicle. However, Autobahn Imports' friendly, trustworthy and professional team of certified mechanics specialize in various auto repair services, including radiator repair and radiator flush and we can keep you car in proper working order.

When Autobahn Imports' mechanics perform radiator repair and radiator flush, they will inspect:

  • Your fluid level

  • Signs of corrosion and oxidation

  • If all parts, including the thermostat and fans are working properly

  • Belts and hoses for signs of fractures or leaks

  • Fluids or deposit which might show indications of leaks or damages

If you want your vehicle to stay effectively cooled down and to work for as many years as possible, you should let Autobahn Imports' certified auto mechanics perform regular vehicle inspections.

Call us or visit our auto repair shop at 4217 S 36th Pl, Phoenix, AZ 85040 to schedule your next radiator repair or service in Phoenix, AZ with Autobahn Imports, and our ASE-certified technicians will assist you in keeping your car running for a long time!